Mounds - ruta 1 1. King's Mound
2. Necrópole de Chan da Cruz,
Mounds nº 19, 20, 15 e 6

3.Necrópole de Chan da Cruz, Mounds 9 e 10
4. Necrópole de Chan da Cruz Mound 2 e 3, destruída
5. Petroglyphs of Chan da Cruz
6. Petroglyphs of Coto da Rola
7. Petroglyphs of As Porteliñas
8. Mound of Chan do Rato
9. Petroglyphs of Chan do Rato
10. Petroglyphs of Poza da Lagoa
11. Mound ofs Teixugueiras
12. Mound e petróglifos de Coto Fenteira
13. Petroglyphs of Coto do Corno
14. Petroglyphs of Castro de Negros
15. Castro de Negros
1. King's Mound
16. Mound of Chan da Cruz 23
17. Mound of Chan da Cruz 24
18. Mound of Chan da Cruz 26
19. Mound of Chan da Cruz 29
20. Mound of Chan da Cruz 31
21. Mounds das Pedras dos Picos 1 e 2
22. Mound 2 do Parque Forestal do Vixiador
23. Mound 1 de Castro Ferreiro
24. Mounds 2 e 3 de Castro Ferreiro



This route begins at King's Mound. As previously mentioned there are more than 40 tumular monuments of different type and size on Monte Penide, with a notable concentration (36 sites) in the necropolis of Chan da Cruz, also known as Chan das Formigas, and a continuous dispersed distribution of mámoas throughout the mountain, leading to the necropolis of Candeán on Monte Vixiador in Vigo.

Coto da Arc, located to the south, is an impressive mámoa that takes advantage of the height of the land to make it stand out even more in the landscape, with spectacular views of the valley of Maceiras and Monte Galleiro.

As Pedras dos Picos, two small mámoas, previously uncatalogued until the current project, are located on the border with Vigo.

Thand Mound of Coto Ferreiro, also stands out by being located at the highest elevation of the surrounding land.

Mound 23, in the necropolis of Chan da Cruz, has very large dimensions.

Mound 15, small and unusual for its size and the backstone of the chamber which is still conserved.

Mound 6 is also large with two holes as a result of disturbance which suggest the presence of two funerary chambers… Number 9 is altered by a path…Number 3 has disappeared, number 2…

And finally, of course, the most well known and emblematic site, King's Mound!!! A large dolmen, in this case constructed with large stones and representative of all Monte Penide/Monte Mirallo.